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The Island

Lagoa Comprida in Flores Island  View over Fajãzinha - Flores Island  Poço do Bacalhau - Flores Island (Go Pro)


Flores Island (located in the western group of the archipelago of the Azores) is a Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) and is considered a paradise by nature lovers.

Here, hikers and divers can explore some places off the beaten track, like Fajã de Lopo Vaz and Baixa dos Morros.

Peace, relaxation and the view of the Atlantic set the pace in this island that hosted pirates and ships from India and the New World during the maritime expansion.

Some of the main sights and activities: the Lagoas on Planalto Central (big natural lakes with volcanic origin), the view over Fajãzinha, the natural pools in Santa Cruz and Rocha dos Bordões; birdwatching, hiking, canyoning, sightseeing and sea activities.

Trekking in Flores Island  Trekking in Flores Island - Fajã de Lopo Vaz  Canyoning in Flores Island

Flores Island is known for its hiking trails which are properly signaled and are kept in good conditions. From Casas da Cascata you can easily reach the trails that connect Ponta da Fajã to Ponta Delgada, Fajã Grande to Lajedo and the Poço do Bacalhau trail.

You can practice canyoning on several rivers, and there are different programs that fit different degrees of experience.  

If you’re coming in spring or autumn, you’ll be pleased to know that these are great times for bird watching in Flores.

We are happy to help you with more information about these and other activities. 

Snorkeling Flores Island  Snorkeling in Flores Island  Summertime in Fajã Grande - Flores Island

If you like to swim, the harbor in Fajã Grande is the perfect place to enjoy the sea in Flores Island. The water is deep blue, with visibility up to 20 meters and temperature between 22 and 24ºC.

You can also scuba dive: near the coastline there are dozens of good spots with lots of species – morey eels, Almaco jacks, yellowmouth barracudas,white trevallies and Atlantic bonitos, dusky grouper and conger. The bottoms are mostly rocky and you can often find a giant anchor or other wrecks. You can even dive in two ship wrecks: Slavonia, foundered outside Lajedo in 1909, and Papadiamandis, split  in half due to bad weather, sunk on Christmas Eve in 1965.

Other sea activities: fishing, boat tours around the island, and visiting the neighboring island of Corvo.

Folklore - Flores Island  Museu Fajã Grande  Coroa Espírito Santo

Agriculture was, for a long time, the economic support of the island and that is well represented in Flores’ folklore, in the museums and, even, in the daily routines of many inhabitants.

The Festas do Espírito Santo (Divine Holy Spirit Festivities) are celebrated around the island in late spring (50 days after Easter). The festivities include collective banquets in which the traditional ‘sopas’ are served, as well as braised beef and boiled meat; the Holy Spirit parade and long-established songs.

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Canyoning is a sport and leisure activity that consists of the descent of a sloped water course, walking along a river/stream, abseiling with ropes, jumping, technical down-climbing and sliding to overcome obstacles.

Flores Island with its unique characteristics, makes this a perfect place to experience canyoning.

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