Fajã Grande - Flores Island - Azores
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Address: Via da Ribeira das Casas; 9960-010 Fajã Grande; Lajes das Flores

Azores – Portugal

Telephone: (+351) 961925113

email: info@casasdacascascata.com

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To Flores Island

There are two ways of getting from another island to Flores Island:

  •  By boat you arrive in the pier of Lajes (only in the summer months)
  •  By plane you arrive in Santa Cruz airport (everyday all-year round)

To Casas da Cascata

No matter the way you choose to get to the island or where you are, you should follow the road signs to Fajã Grande. You’ll get to a crossroad about 11km from Lajes and 12km from Santa Cruz that reads ’Fajã Grande’ . Turn here and, after you drive about 3 km and go through 2 bridges and the signal to ’Poço da Alagoinha’, turn on the second road on your right (this road goes up a hill). Keep on this road about 2,5km and at the next crossroad you’ll see 3 houses. Those are Casas da Cascata and  the Moinho is 300 metres down this hill.



The best way to get around in Flores Island is by car. You can rent a car at the airport (beware that in the summer months you have to plan ahead and make a reservation).

Other options: by bus, taxi, hiking and hitch-hiking (which, although not recommended in most parts of the world, is perfectly safe in Flores).